Engineering Projects

The Musical Swings

Make your playground musical with this interactive project.

with: Gemma Ward and Melissa Norelli Hassan
when: February 2017

Birthday LED Candles

When celebrating four birthdays at once, use LEDs to avoid lighting 175 candles.

when: July 2016

Mechanical Design for 3D Printing

Some common mechanical components, designed around the limitations of 3D printing in ABS.

with: Jon Lusk
when: November 2012

How Not to Build a Solder Fume Extractor

A cautionary tale of an attempt to build a fume extractor and filter out of cardboard and duct tape.

when: December 2006

Dry-Ice Rockets

You too can make a rocket out of a water bottle and a chunk of dry ice.

with: Jay Wilson
when: August 2003

The Pipe Crawler

My senior university project, an articulated pipe inspection robot with a new kind of screw-drive propulsion and an inertial navigation system.

with: Sheraz Wasi and Mark Miller
when: May 2003

Tilt Sensor Demonstrator

A fun little tilt-sensing toy I made using a MEMS accelerometer and some LEDs.

when: November 2002


An unmanned hovercraft with plywood hull, a skirt made from a painter's dropcloth, and a leaf-blower engine; plus build your own 10-minute pizza-box hovercraft!

with: Jay Wilson
when: May 1999