Entries from August 2009

The Italian Renaissance: an MMO I'd Like to Play

Picture it with me: an MMO based in the Italian Renaissance. Races could correspond to the various city-states of Italy, or to foreign nations, perhaps. Play as:

  • Merchants (sea voyages out of Venice, perhaps?)
  • Unscrupulous churchmen
  • Stiletto-armed assassins
  • Scheming Medicis
  • Your typical painter-sculptor-scientist-architect renaissance genius (should be an epic roll, this!)

Imagine riding into battle atop some Leonardo-designed war machine! Fencing with rapiers! Imagine going on quests:

  • Steal the head of John the Baptist for the glory of Florence
  • Dissect executed prisoners to level up in Anatomy
  • Bring back exotic goods from around the Mediterranean
  • Earn yourself an equestrian statue in your city-state's palazzo with military exploits

There's something very appealing about this, at least to me. It would be just the thing to finally get me to play an MMO.