Entries from July 2014

Second Update for 2014's Quantifiable Goals

  • Complete one 5k footrace: My knees are still not healthy; as soon as I start running again (perhaps I do this too soon?), it's not long before they start giving me pain.
  • Earn Fechter rank in HEMA: No progress as yet.
  • Do 10 pullups in a set: I've reached 9 pull-ups in a set, only one off of my goal, without any particularly dedicated training; it's more a side-effect of all the push-ups and planks and various other strength-training I've been doing.
  • Do 100 pushups in a set (I tested at 21 at the beginning of January): I'm in the high thirties now.
  • Do 200 situps in a set (right now I'm at 50–60): achieved on March 11. I've started doing a lot more planking as it feels like a more concentrated and efficient workout for the core muscles.
  • Add five new videos to Youtube: none as yet.
  • Launch three new web projects: One launched, the administrative interface for our embedded linux terminal server.
  • Add five significant projects to my personal site: none as yet.
  • Add eight artworks to my personal site: none as yet.
  • Post 24 new blog entries: this is my eighth blog post this year; I've fallen off the pace considerably.
  • Launch my crowd-funded project: Still prototyping.