Entries from May 2012

Upgrading to Mediatemple VE

This site, and some of my other projects as well, have been hosted for about a year now on Mediatemple's DV (Dedicated Virtual) service. My particular DV installation was somewhat custom since I had ordered it without Plesk and did all my administration tasks on the command line. Mediatemple recently informed me that this product was being end-of-life'd and so I made yet another migration, this time to their VE hosting, which seems like a better fit for my brand of linux geekery. It's quite a bit cheaper per month as well!

Regular guests, please let me know if anything's broken from the move. Thanks for your attention.

Tilt Sensor Demonstration Toy

I've finally created a page for this fun little tilt-sensing toy I made using a MEMS accelerometer, some LEDs, and the LM3914 bar-graph driver. It was knocked together in an afternoon in 2002, so don't look too closely at the somewhat crude construction techniques in this one!