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Thirty Stories of Demolition in West Palm Beach

This building at 1515 Flagler Drive has been a bit of an eyesore since it took hurricane damage in 2004. It was brought down with explosives on Sunday, the third tallest building to ever be demolished so in the United States. And I was lucky enough to be there!

I set up my Canon G6 on multiple-shot mode for this—it did pretty well, especially given that I was just holding it above my head in the tightly-packed crowd.

The 12 Hours of Sebring 2009

My apologies for the belated post. This was my first, though I certainly hope not my last, visit to the famous endurance races; I'd like to offer my thanks to our gracious host Bell Microelectronics, sponsor of the Panoz team that took third place in the GT2 class, for making it possible.

The pictures are all the work of my cousin Torm.

Eiki Martinson's Half Day Off

I spent some time after my training session in Denver driving around with my co-workers in the Rockies, seeing some worthwhile sights; I apologize for the pictures but all I had was a disposable camera.

I Go Hollywood ...

in the smallest of ways. I was an extra (excuse me, "Background Artist", as they like to be called now) in the Twentieth Century Fox movie Marley and Me while it was being filmed in Fort Lauderdale. Observe closely the scenes in the Sun-Sentinel offices and you might just catch a brief glimpse of the back of my head, say. If you want your money back because the movie made you cry or disappointed you, address your demands elsewhere: I just stood where they told me to stand. All I added to the picture was a handful of photons. Of course I'll still get the blu-ray disc when it comes out, if only to freeze-frame through the scenes I was in!

An On-Ride Photo Classic

An instant classic from the Busch Gardens log flume, with Jay Wilson and myself. This one was just too funny to leave behind.