First Update for 2014's Quantifiable Goals

As promised at the beginning of the year, I'm publishing on a quarterly schedule my progress in achieving this year's quantifiable goals. Here's the list so far:

  • Complete one 5k footrace: I started training for this but had to stop owing to knee problems. Under doctor's orders I'm strengthening my quadriceps muscles before proceeding.
  • Earn Fechter rank in HEMA: No progress to report as yet.
  • Do 10 pullups in a set (I can do about 3 at present): I'm up to five in a set.
  • Do 100 pushups in a set (I tested at 21 at the beginning of January): After a strong start my training reached a bit of a plateau, possibly due to nutrition. Nonetheless, I'm up to 32 pushups at present.
  • Do 200 situps in a set (right now I'm at 50–60): achieved on March 11. I followed a well-known two hundred situps program with success; now I never need to do another situp again. Just kidding.
  • Add five new videos to Youtube: none as yet.
  • Launch three new web projects: I'm nearly ready to release my first web project this year, an internal administrative interface for one of our embedded linux products, using the front-end framework Foundation 5.
  • Add five significant projects to my personal site: none as yet.
  • Add eight artworks to my personal site: none as yet.
  • Post 24 new blog entries: this is my sixth blog post this year, so I'm on schedule.
  • Launch my crowd-funded project: I'm in the prototyping stage for this product.

I'll be updating this with additional blog posts quarterly, to keep myself on track.

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