Pelican 1550 Case 3D Models

I recently designed something to fit inside the Pelican model 1550, one of their excellent “Protector” line of rugged, watertight cases. Although Pelican helpfully provides exact 3D models of the inside of their cases, I needed the outside geometry as well for documentation purposes. Using their models as a starting point, I built the rest of the geometry from measurements. I didn't need it to be nearly as detailed as this, but I wanted to release it on Grabcad, and I wanted that release to be as useful as possible to others. As a result this became a bit of a labor of love; I haven't gone into my time-tracking app to find out how many hours I have into this mostly because I think I'll be dismayed by the answer!

Although this looks pretty good it's really just for show. You couldn't, for instance, mold your own cases directly from this. I've included the fillets and drafts that are important to making it look right, but not necessarily those you'll need for manufacturing. I also modeled all the foam pieces that come inside. They're part of the Solidworks assembly file under a “WithFoam” configuration; by default I have them turned off because the egg-crate foam in the top lid is computationally expensive.

If this is something you need, go to Grabcad and download the package. I'd love to hear from anyone that finds this useful!

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