Disciplined and Orderly Work

I've started an as-yet short playlist on YouTube named “Orderly and Disciplined Work”, intending it to collect videos that in some way document methodical, detail-oriented, clean, well-organized, and calm workspaces and processes. This is part of my ongoing attempts to encourage those qualities in my own work and in the various places I do that work, which include, at the moment, my work office, home office, workshop, garage, and kitchen.

“Tomorrow, I will do my best again.”

It's difficult to define exactly what sort of video belongs in this list but its ethos is maybe best expressed by Nozomu Abe in this clip from “A Day in the Life of a Sushi Master”, which also meets another important qualification: if the video has music, it should express calm and order itself. The sort of generic guitar noise marring far too many workshop videos is what I am trying to exclude with that statement.

All submissions are welcome! I'm trying not to include too many from any one creator or even from any particular industry. I hope you enjoy this playlist and that it inspires you as it has me. Work well and, as always, share your results.

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