My What Big Eyes You Have

In the interest of saving my soul through good works I have recently taken in a family of unfortunates: two lost kittens! They are street cats, brother and sister, 6 weeks old and a shade over a pound each. I have given them the unlikely Estonian names of Miuks (the girl) and Murakas (the boy).

Murakas is all black with blue eyes and is bigger and more adventurous, leading the way into all sorts of danger. He also sleeps a great deal and seems to be visibly growing by the day.

Miuks has white paws and white whiskers, and green and blue eyes. She has a bit more of a nervous temperament, hopping into the air on spindly legs when alarmed, but she purrs like a motorboat when petted and enjoys chomping on her brother's tail.

It is an open question as to which one will be the most trouble.

Both kittens have their first shots, de-worm-ings, and de-flea-ings; they are using the litter box regularly and in already disturbing volume (probably a consequence of the six square meals a day they require). When not locked in furious combat or spelunking in search of ever more unlikely crevices to hide in, they sleep on each other's heads in a fuzzy little pile.

I promise not to let this site become a catblog.

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