A New Design

I've redesigned my personal site and blog, and would appreciate criticisms or comments. The layout adapts to a wide variety of screen widths using CSS media queries; try scaling your browser window or looking at the site on your mobile phone to see what I mean.

Following recent web development practice, I established a baseline rhythm of 24 pixels and set all type according to that, going so far as to use some javascript adapted from Filipe Fortes' jMetronome to ensure that this rhythm is maintained across images of arbitrary height.

Widths of columns and design elements are chosen according to the 16-column, 960-pixel-wide grid made popular by such frameworks as 960.gs. I didn't actually use any publicly available CSS framework though; HTML designed for 960.gs relies on too many div elements with non-semantic class names for my taste. Instead I used SASS with some mixins and functions of my own to abstract the CSS and make development much easier.

My blog is, as always, served by the excellent Serendipity software, with my design implemented as a custom template; I also made some changes to the Archives plugin and implemented the accordion effect there (click on a year under "Archives") using jQuery.

Please take a look, try out all the features, and let me know what you think.

Two Comments So Far

May 13, 2012
GeriBoss says:
The design is perfect. Simple and pretty. I especially like the small details, like the background, excellent choice of fonts and colors.
May 19, 2012
Eiki Martinson says:
Thank you very much! I visited your site too and loved your AVR projects and the nice variety of shields you've worked on.

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