B-29 Superfortress “Fifi”

I had the pleasure this weekend of seeing the only presently flying example of the B-29 Superfortess, a salvaged plane named “Fifi” that was restored and is kept airworthy by the fine people of the Commerative Air Force. A recently restored P-51D Mustang, “The Brat III” was also on display, and the public could even fly in both planes. I couldn't afford that ($570 to $1395 for the B-29, depending on the seat, $1995 for the P-51) but was very happy taking a tour through the bomb-bay and cockpit.

By the way, I only became aware of Fifi's visit to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport because I happened to be overflown at low altitude by it, heard a somewhat remarkable noise, and was surprised to find a B-29 overhead. A little google-searching revealed what was going on this week. Either the CAF might want to try to get the word out more effectively, or I need to be more plugged into the local aviation and warbird community, if such exists. Any suggestions to that end will be appreciated.

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