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Instagram, Finally

Some of my favorites so far

For the past six weeks or so I've been posting, fairly often by my standards, to the social media and photo-sharing service Instagram. I intend to limit this account to creative work subjects: photos of my engineering projects, materials, and techniques, for my professional clients and for my related personal pursuits. It's likely to feature a lot of pictures of work in progress. Follow me if you'd like to keep up with what I'm up to, and thanks for your indulgence!

Capitulation to Connectedness

The rumors circulating among my friends and family are true: I have laid down arms and ceased resistance to Facebook. On January 29, 2014, I became a node in the Social Network. Like so many before me, I like to think that I'll profit from this alliance more than will the network itself. Time will tell!

Upgrading to Mediatemple VE

This site, and some of my other projects as well, have been hosted for about a year now on Mediatemple's DV (Dedicated Virtual) service. My particular DV installation was somewhat custom since I had ordered it without Plesk and did all my administration tasks on the command line. Mediatemple recently informed me that this product was being end-of-life'd and so I made yet another migration, this time to their VE hosting, which seems like a better fit for my brand of linux geekery. It's quite a bit cheaper per month as well!

Regular guests, please let me know if anything's broken from the move. Thanks for your attention.

An Update on the Pipe Crawler

I'm thrilled that Make magazine has featured our 2003 senior design project, the Pipe Crawler, on its blog. I thank Sean Ragan for taking an interest and for writing the post; visitors from Make are very welcome indeed. I've taken this as prompting to update the site a bit; prior readers may notice that I've added links to an RSS feed of this blog; please subscribe if you're so inclined. Using my new and very precariously assembled light tent (details of which are for a later post); I've also updated some of the photos of the pipe crawler; and finally, I've restored the link to the original paper my team gave to our professors at the end of the class, although I cringe to read it today—hopefully I've learned a thing or two in the years since!

A New Design

I've redesigned my personal site and blog, and would appreciate criticisms or comments. The layout adapts to a wide variety of screen widths using CSS media queries; try scaling your browser window or looking at the site on your mobile phone to see what I mean.