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A Stainless Steel and Cedar House Number Plaque

Here's something I made recently. For many years my house number was marked by stainless steel numbers from Blomus that have bosses on the back so that they float off of the wall surface somewhat. When we painted the house gray the stainless just didn't have enough contrast against that background, and since I had done a gray-plus-wood sort of theme in the recent bathroom renovations I decided to extend this to the exterior of the house with a sort of wood plaque behind the house numbers.

Sketching Again

From the Blind Monk; Seahorse birdbath, Orlando, FL; Prismacolor Magic Rub; Starbucks, Delray Beach; Oak table

Beach Art

I spent a few days last week at a friend's house on Hutchinson Island, where I indulged my artistic side by stacking stones and shells on beach rocks after the manner (at least in my own small way) of Andy Goldsworthy. Hopefully somebody enjoyed it before the tide came in!

Sketchbook: a Thatched Hut

This is an older drawing of a hut from somewhere in Southeast Asia, after a photograph in Architectural Digest. I drew this with a black Pilot G2 05 pen in the sketchbook I was using at that time.

Moon Shot

I took these images of a total lunar eclipse early in the morning on December 21, using the intervalometer on my Canon G6. You can see how the autofocus lost it on the last exposures, probably because the moon became too dim by that point. The individual photos were taken three minutes apart and screened together in photoshop to make this image.