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Beach Art

I spent a few days last week at a friend's house on Hutchinson Island, where I indulged my artistic side by stacking stones and shells on beach rocks after the manner (at least in my own small way) of Andy Goldsworthy. Hopefully somebody enjoyed it before the tide came in!

Sketchbook: a Thatched Hut

This is an older drawing of a hut from somewhere in Southeast Asia, after a photograph in Architectural Digest. I drew this with a black Pilot G2 05 pen in the sketchbook I was using at that time.

Moon Shot

I took these images of a total lunar eclipse early in the morning on December 21, using the intervalometer on my Canon G6. You can see how the autofocus lost it on the last exposures, probably because the moon became too dim by that point. The individual photos were taken three minutes apart and screened together in photoshop to make this image.

Letterpress and Bookbinding: Book Arts 101

I recently took a workshop titled "Book Arts 101" at Florida Atlantic University's Jaffe Center for the Book Arts, which, besides introducing us to a world I had only barely-glimpsed before, that of artist's books, taught us to dabble in those arts themselves, using the techniques of letterpress printing and hand book-binding.

After ogling the extensive collection of the Jaffe Center, we printed covers on a vintage proof press (a Vandercook 4) set with wood block type, then bound them into neat pamphlets using needle and thread. The residents of South Florida are truly lucky to have such a world-class collection at hand. I extend my thanks to John Cutrone of the Jaffe Center and Lake Worth's Convivio Bookworks for teaching this workshop and allowing us to experiment with this at-once anachronistic and up-and-coming craft.

Mjolnir Pendants—Yet Another Skill for My Mythbusting Résumé (New Year's Eve Part 3)

I made some Mjolnir (that would be the hammer of Thor for those who don't speak pagan-geek :) ) pendants for viking party costumes. It was also an opportunity to try my hand at sculpting and moldmaking, bringing me one step closer to living the life of a mythbuster—that is, a mythbuster without his own television show. I based the design on this one (found on google images); for the price, I probably should have just bought that one instead, but that's not really in the creative spirit of this whole New Year's Eve theme party thing.

The first step: I melted down some old bits of candle wax and cast them into a puck shape, from which I carved the original pattern using one of my very favorite tools, the X-Acto knife.